This is a demo for a platform character movement script was developed by the Patformer Controls Taskforce. The Projecthome can be found here:

Currently developing an update witch will improve usability and add features.

This demo gives you a chance to play with the current scripts. You can choose between the 2D and axis locked 3D script and play with some options to see if they work better.

You can download the unity project file for free and use it free of charge. No credits needed. The script is written in C# and can be downloaded standalone.

This script is only suitable for flat platforms! Angled platforms will cause sliding. If this is not something you want you will have to modify the script yourself. Currently it is a little inconvenient to adjust the project to your own. I have plans to change that, but it might take a few days.

Script itself is General Public License, but the Controls menu is MIT !


If there are any problems or suggestions massage me.

Install instructions

Download and unzip, open in Unity. The example scene will show you the same demo as presented in the browse.

Download the CustomControls.cs script. It is setup to run without the custom input manager and should run in a default project.


  1. All ground on separate layer (default layer 8)
  2. ground physics material has no friction
  3. character physics material set to no friction
  4. character has rigidbody and rigid body rotation is locked (axis lock z axis if necessary)
  5. Rigidbody and Transform variables must be assigned manually to script! (next version will remove this step)
  6. Adjust values to your problem


Download 248 kB
CustomControls.cs 5 kB
CustomControls2d.cs 5 kB

Development log

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