If you are looking for fun go away. Only misery awaits those that dare attempt to play the game. It is hardly even a game!

Anyway, if you like finicky controls (I will call it a feature, since the theme for the GMTK 2020 Jam is "Out of control") you will not be disappointed.

Go to the green lit room and win. That's it. The more you spin the harder it gets, so don't. Rotation is optional after all.

Programmer rant:
Magnets, how do they work? Surprisingly simple. Quaternions on the other Hand are the spawn of Satan. I spent one whole day to figure them out and make them do whatever I wanted. I have no idea, why everything is "working" and I will for certainly refrain from examining the code for a while.
Originally the game was supposed to have portals (with cake), other non euclidean shenanigans and dynamic gravity.
I had an alternative control scheme that was more straight forward, read easy to use, but I chose to swap it for the thing you see before you. The reason for this is the lack of gameplay. Easy controls -> there is no game.
Moral of the story:
Focus on one feature and make something you do regularly or have done before.

Here are some numbers for you, don't know what they are good for:

Install instructions

Download the correct zip file and unpack it. If you want a mac version massage me.


RotationIsOptional_Windows.zip 26 MB
RotationIsOptional_Linux.zip 30 MB

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